Virtual Concert 8/22 8pm

I hope that you and yours are staying healthy, both physically and mentally, in these crazy times.

The Gilbert & Sullivan Society of Houston was supposed to perform “The Yeomen of the Guard” at the Hobby Center this summer, but, as has been the case with so many things, we were forced to postpone until next year.

But we have not been idle.

This Saturday at 8pm CDT we will be holding a virtual concert.  I’ll be singing “When Jealous Torments Rack My Soul”, a wonderful number from Yeomen that was unfortunately cut after opening night in 1888 because it interrupted the flow of the plot too much. Several other performers from our postponed production will be featured, including Alistair Donkin, and the concert will open and close with numbers by the Savoyard Singers, our standing chorus.

I hope you can join us for an hour of merriment this Saturday at 8.

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