Sign Up for Mars! You

Sign Up for Mars!

You can get your name on a DVD that is going to the Red Planet by clicking on the above link by November 15 at 11pm Central time….so hurry!


A few simple questions

Where were the Florence protestors when Iraq invaded Kuwait? Where was their moral outrage when the Serbs overran Srebenicia? Where were their howls of
indignation at the slaughter in Rwanda?

As for their original reason for being in Firenze, might I suggest a book for reading between the hackey-sack playing and the pot-smoking (forgive me for
stereotyping, but this is what I saw of the anit-WEF folks who were camped out in the Heldnplatz in Vienna in July 2001 before they went to Salzburg): take a
look at The Choice by Professor Russell Roberts of Washington University in St. Louis. It’s
kind of a cross between international trade theory and “It’s a Wonderful Life”. I highly recommend it.


Bike Ride Redux

Carol Lofton of the Houston Chronicle did a nice piece about my attempted bike ride to New York. Although the headline writer messed up (kind of
tough to average 525 miles a day on a bicycle), it’s nice to be recognized, and it is raising more money for Houston Habitat for Humanity. You can read my account here, and you can still make a
pledge here or by calling 713-671-9993, Ext. 14…thanks, Angie!


James Carville and Paul Begala,

James Carville and Paul Begala, speaking on Crossfire as the election results showed the Rs winning across the board, said the problem with the Ds was that they
had accomodated George W. too much, and that the party would have done better had it been more confrontational.

I think they’re wrong.

The Rs won because they received more of the centerist, independent voters (I may or may not expound on why they did this later). Messrs. Carville and Begala
suggest going further left as a cure? On the contrary, the Dems should try to go more to the center, especially if the Rs misinterpret the election result as a
mandate for the far right. If the Rs go off the deep right end, and the Ds reclaim the middle, you could see a complete swing the other way in 2004. If both the
Rs and the Ds head away from the middle, we could see another indpendent movement
? la Perot ’92 emrge.


As if I needed more

As if I needed more things to take up my time, I’m going to inflict my opions on the world now.

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