Joe’s Survey Answers


Full Name Joe Carl (Patrick Spontaneous) White

I explain the ‘Patrick Spontaneous’ bit here.

Nicknames Joe Carl, Joe C, Joe@, Capn, Mac Daddy, Daddy
Other screen names KuK Joe (AIM), joecarlwhite (Yahoo!)
Occupation Singer, Consultant, Humanitarian…just like the card says
Hometown Beaumont, Texas
Bacon bits or croutons Bacon Bits
Favorite salad dressing Varies, though ginger would be if it were available at non-Japanese restaurants
School Trinity, Longfellow/Wilbanks, Austin, BCP, Rice (completed);

UChicago Divinity School, LBJ of Public Affairs (abandoned)

Boxers or Briefs Both, but tend towards the latter…but really like the biker briefs, which are a cross between the two
Ever gone commando? On occasion 🙂
Do you make fun of people I try not to
What’s your bedtime Varies from 9:30p to 3:30a
Favorite Quote(s) See here
Do you smoke? The occasional cigar
Do you drink? Never developed a taste for it, though I’m learning to appreciate red wines, and will have port every so often with the aforementioned occasional cigar. Will also have Milk Punch when I am dining at Brennan’s.
What type of deodorant do you use Whatever brand is on sale when I run out
Favorite shampoo or conditioner As above
Favorite soap Again, it doesn’t really matter
Have you ever been skinny-dipping? Yes, but there were no witnesses
Favorite color Blue (boring, sorry)
Have you ever been convicted of a crime? No
Best friends online Don’t have any friends who are exclusively online
One pillow or two Since my bedroom makeover, I have *8* on my bed (more than any man should own), but only sleep with two.
Pets None that live with me (Arminius refused to make the move)
Favorite TV Shows West Wing, House, The Closer, Arrested Develoment; and, of course, Family Guy
Favorite movies Breaker Morant, Airplane!, My Fair Lady, Blues Brothers, Gallipoli, High Fidelity, O Brother Where Art Thou?
Favorite types of music Gilbert & Sullivan, classical, big band, 80s pop (Billy Joel, Styx), *old* country (Roy Acuff, Bob Wills, Flatt & Scruggs)
Favorite Magazines Reason, The Door, the Economist
Hobbies Collecting maps of Texas and of the Habsburg lands, reading, biking, travelling, skiing (again someday)
Dream car 1956 Mercedes Benz 300SL
Type of car 2004 Acura TL
Words or phrases you overuse Hookie-dookie, thingie, ding-ding
Toothpaste Shouldn’t this be with the other personal hygiene items? Whatever is ADA approved
Online crush sorry, couldn’t resist
Have you ever been in love? Yes
Have you ever had your heart broken? Yes
Significant Other Yup! 🙂
Piercings or tattoos Ugh, no.
Most romantic thing that ever happened to you Having a conversation in which I realized how truly I am loved, how lucky I am to have her, and how much I need her.
Do you get along with your parents? I did, and I miss them both terribly.
Favorite town to chill Houston, New Orleans, Las Vegas, London, Vienna, Budapest
Favorite ice cream Blue Bell Triple Chocolate, Green Tea
Favorite soda Dr Pepper 10, Vanilla Coke Zero
Favorite drink Coffee
Favorite shoe I generally wear boots
Favorite perfume/cologne On me: Reveil by Yves Chantre, though I never wear it

On her: Ysatis

Favorite song at the moment Papageno/Tamina duet from Magic Flute
Favorite website BBC, Slick Deals, Deal Mac
Favorite subject in school History
Least favorite subject in school I guess biology, since I never took it
Favorite sport to watch Rice University football (although it is very painful)
Most humiliating moment Send in your nominations
Craziest person or silliest person you know Me, on both counts
Favorite holiday Thanksgiving, since it involves lots of food and is in effect a four-day holiday.
What do you look for in the opposite sex I used to say “a female version of me,” but that’s not really true . Although the musts are all traits I (hope I) have – Christian, intelligent, honest, kind, likes to laugh, easy-going, and at least a couple of shared interests.
Do you have, or want, children? Kate Elizabeth
How high are yours shoes’ heels Never measured them…boots heels are taller than the rest, though
Favorite sport to play Racquetball
What time zone are you? Central
Favorite food Varies; favorite dessert, though, is Bananas Foster
Last Movie seen in the theater? The Muppets
What book(s) currently reading? Between the Woods and the Water, by Patrick Leigh Fremor
Favorite Board Game? Diplomacy, Axis and Allies, Monopoly
Favorite Smell? Honeysuckle, Vanilla
Favorite Sound? my daughter’s laughter
First thing I think of in the morning? Did I sleep through a meeting with a client?
Fast Food? Schlotzsky’s, Whataburger, Taco Bell
Future Child’s Name? not saying, but as per the name page, boy will have to be some ‘J’ name
“If I had a lot of money, I would…” “spend it in good company….” 😉

Set up scholarships and professorships in Business Ethics and Austrian Economics in my parents’ name.

Do you sleep with a stuffed animal? No
Storms – Cool or Scary? Most excellent.
First Car? 1976 Chevy Impala (which I wrapped around a tree)
If you could dye your hair any color, what would you choose? Not to.
How many towns have you lived in? 5: Beaumont, Houston, Chicago, Austin, Budapest
“If I had the time, I would…” “sleep more, read more.”
What is under your bed? .35 Remington
Toilet paper, over or under? Over, so much so that I’ll switch it in restrooms where it isn’t

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