Spam Odelette Haiku

Sitting at my Mac
trying to force the words out
doesn't seem to work.

Maybe if I drink
Massive quantities of Coke
I will fare better.

Then again, if I
were to eat my weight in Spam...
that might do the trick.

But, of course, that would
cause me to grow larger than
I already am.

So I'll just have to
Find some other, lighter source
for inspiration.

Only question is:
If I pig out on rice cakes
will I find my Muse?

Pfeh; no diet food
can evoke such *mots de rire*
as can cans of Spam.

So I must trek to
The neighborhood H*E*B
For the potted meat.

After eating some
(maybe half a gross or more)
I can write for you

haikus worthy of
my most recent *nom de guerre*:
Mr. Haikuman.

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